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Well a full week for us as a church but also as the village fire volunteers as we are in the middle of our Marathon of prayer (2 weeks of prayers evenings) we also had 2 house fires one in Carand in an elderly lady's house fortunately she noticed the smoke in time  we managed to put it quickly out her kitchen ceiling were damaged .  The Second fire was in the village next door, it was an electrical fire and the damage was greater as part of the roof and house burned  we managed to deal with it together with our village volunteers and with the  local towns fire brigade.  Last night we had a chimney fire just to complete the week !Thankfully  the last one was no damage done just a lot of smoke in the house.We thank God there were no casualties and that we can be here to help in different ways. We do appreciate your prayers and your support.  Blessing to you all. 
P.s. pictures taken in the second fire by the paramedics  from the fire brigade


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