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Fire, Health & Safety

2016 was a big year in supporting the community with fire and safety interventions.  Early in the year smoke alarms were fitted in local houses.  In July with the thanks and cooperation of a church in Tiverton we were able to acquire a fire engine for the volunteers in Carand

On 30th July there was a local house fire, by the time the fire brigade from from the major town got there the local volunteers with the new fire engine managed to have the fire fully under control and nearly out.

At 2.00am on 6th August Dani and the team were called to a fire. The familys wood shelter and pig shelter which are joined on with the house were on fire, as most of you know we store a lot of wood for the winter and once that had caught fire it became extremely dangerous . Our team with the truck that was donated was there first on the scene until the team from sebis arrived and after five tanks of water from both trucks and 2 and a half hours they managed to put it out , Thankfully they were able to stop it from getting to the house but unfortunately they lost some of their pigs. If we hadn't of been blessed with the truck it would of most definitely spread to the house and the surrounding house. I am so proud of Dani and the guys from the crew of Carand and so thankful to CAR and to everybody who donated or prayed to bring the truck out here it is making a huge differance already. We are being able to witness by being there for people in the most challenging times . God bless you all

From 2017 - 2018 we commenced fire and safety training in local schools and he fire truck and volunteers are still much needed in the community

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