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Romanians are known for their hospitality and a great sense of community especially in the rural areas were everyone knows everyone. Most of people if they need to get to the hospital have no means to travel and the public transport is no reliable and expensive, or a disabled person needs to travel every month about 85 km to the city of Arad to file the papers in order to receive little benefits and most of the time even that doesn’t work due to bureaucracy and corruption. Most of the people have to rely on the community to help.

How are we involved?

  • An emergency fund we make sure there are money set apart for our team to be able to drive people which have no means to get to hospital, or to pay for some medicine when people are left in situations that they can’t afford to buy it and it could be a matter of life and death.

  • Local doctors we work together with some of the local doctors in helping with medicine, equipment as ECG machine, Physio Therapy machine and basic equipment.

  • Quick response Vehicle not long ago we had a 4x4 donated by a English couple as a quick response vehicle which works with the local firefighters volunteers, but it is also used to transport food and supplies to some of the remote villages, and it can be used to drive in emergencies people to hospital.

  • Fire truck we were donated a fire truck by a church and it is used by the local firefighter volunteers in the community around Carand. You have to realize that in the summer they have +40 and temperatures and in the winter it can go as low as – 20, most people use wood burners stoves to cook on and in the winter most have a wood burner stove in the house.

  • Fire prevention due to the high risk way people live we managed to install in Carand 300 smoke alarms and 300 CO2 alarms one for every house.

  • Holiday clubs over the years we manage to bring different teams of young people from England to run holiday clubs with the local children of Carand and villages around it.

  • A Tractor was purchased to enable wood to be collected on behalf of poorer families.  This has enabled the charity to provide for some of the most needy in the village.

  • A Life Centre was built and equipped to provide a gym for local youth to meet and exercise.

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