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Our Ministries


 Everything we do has the end vision of serving the Kingdom of God and His purpose for his most valued creation, you and I and all  to the ends of the world. Our main ministry is in Carand and the churches around it. Even after 27 years you still see a lot of traces and strongholds from the communist system, but by the grace of God the church in Carand and more and more churches from Romania are being transformed and awakened spiritually. Spiritually we support churches and people through:

  • Leadership, Teaching, Children’s ministry,  Women’s ministry, Evangelism


Even though Romania joined the European Union (EU) on 1st January 2007, today the cost of living is virtually the same as in the UK and yet wages after tax are approximately £250.  The elderly and poor in Romania live day to day, week to week, on almost nothing. The average £50. Many elderly rely on family to provide help. Therefore, if you have no family to help, then what do you do?  


How do we help?

Adopt a freind, Improving Education. Building playgrounds 


Carand is 10km from the nearest town and 50km from the County town.  Many of the poorer in the community have no form of transport and the first port of call if help is needed is most often Danny and Sarah

Our practical support can mean anything from running people to hospital, Managing and maintaining the fire engine (purchased from Devon and Cornwall) and local volunteers, through to using the charity tractor to obtain wood.

How do we help?

Emergency fund and transport, Quick response vehicle & Fire Truck, Hoilday clubs for children, Tractor for wood collection and Life Centre.


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