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Where we work, in rural North West of Romania

Life is really simple, many in wood & mud brick dwellings

Water is now plumbed to many dwellings but most are a stand pipe outside

Most live in one or two rooms

Cooking in the family home is basic

Four children and one bed share a room with parents

Our team in Romania, Pastor Daniel & Vetuta

Dani, Sarah, Tobi and Ella

Work from a local church where we base Pro Community Romania our sister charity

Inside we have a flexible arrangement to cope with worship and community functions

Sunday service

A kitchen was built in 2011 so meals could be served

The elderly are invited for meals

2014 saw the building of an extension to the church to support children's work

With little social support some try to live on £50 per month where the cost of living is the same as UK

Losing your spouse and with no financial support CAR step in with food and aid

Every month our team put together food packs from donations made by sponsors in the UK

The visit and the food are a welcome relief for so many isolated an lonely

We also support three schools

Turning outside wooden latrines like this

and this

To in house toilets with running water

Blackboards with over 50 years service are replaced thanks to donations from Schools in UK

Thank you Leighton Middle School

Lockers rather than the floor for school materials and clothing

School materials are provided as many parents cant afford text books

Desks replaced and materials provided including laptops for the teachers

Gavin, a fireman from the UK teaches children how to be safe

Playgrounds provide an area for children and parents to meet

CAR over 15 years have supported local doctors who work for the community

Adrianna and Nicu stand proudly by their new ECG machine

CAR provided smoke alarms from the UK to the village houses as fires in these mud built houses are frequent

A fire engine has been provided to the volunteers

A run down stables was acquired and rebuilt by the youth

turning it into .........

A life and health centre equipped with old equipment donated from the UK

And it not just for the boys

An old fish farm with a bit of renovation

and a coat of paint becomes

A swimming pool. Critical in 40 degree summers

Running a holiday club for children is a real treat. Thank you Hockliffe Street Baptist Church

The human assault course. Fun is the essential ingredient

Baloon basket ball

face painting is a big hit

Tobi feeling patriotic

Youngsters get there own back to face paint the adults

And of course their is cake

Even the leaders try their hand at the human pyramid

colouring and art

Don't fancy being Daniel in this Lion's den

Maybe this one isn't so fierce

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