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OUR Mission


We focus our efforts into three key themes

Spiritual - Supporitng the continued development and outreach of the local churches

Social - We directly support those most in need of help through food aid and basic supplies

Community - Working with Schools, Local Doctors the wider community and recently the volunteer fire brigade

Read More in 'Where we Help'


OUR Team


Our Trustees and oversight team are in the UK but we operate through our sister charity Pro Community Romania in Romania.

Today Pastor Daniel is Director of Pro Community Romania and with Vetuta his wife and Danny and Sarah Ispas they manage a multiplicity of ministries and community projects from supplying food packs to the needy to equipping the schools with educational supplies and materials.

Today, through the local church in Carand and Pro Community Romania (the Romanian arm of CAR), many hundreds of people have been helped, and are helped, every year


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