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Everything we do has the end vision of serving the Kingdom of God and His purpose for his most valued creation, me and you and everyone around you to the ends of the world. Someone said that Romania spiritually is like a sleeping giant but when it wakes up it will shake the earth. We want to see Romania alive and awake spiritually serving and praising the Creator. Our main ministry is in Carand and the churches around it. Even after 27 years you still see a lot of traces and strongholds from the communist system, but by the grace of God the church in Carand and more and more churches from Romania are being transformed and awakened spiritually. Spiritually we support churches and people through:

  • Leadership we training and disciple local churches and individuals to establish a good and strong leadership.

  • Teaching  through church services, bible studies and one to one we help people discover and deepen more in the word of God

  • Childrens ministry  lost and overlooked over the years in so many churches we encourage, support children ministry to teach and help children discover the Word of God

  • Womens ministry  especially in rural areas this was almost frowned  upon but now there is a women ministry where women of any age can pray study and have fellowship together

  • Evangelism we are supporting events and outreaches around Carand and villages in the area in sawing the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

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